Let the Games Begin

The Democratic National Convention has had its glitz and glamour, and there’s no doubt the keynote speakers have been energizing. The democrats could see a little jolt in excitement from their base. I’ve always thought that the party to have their convention last will always have the best convention just due to the ability to capitalize on mistakes. Over the last few days, the democrats have had some gaffes of their own equal to the Eastwood gaffe, in my opinion. It started with having to move the convention to another facility due to lack of interest and blaming the weather, then the “god” thing yesterday.

On the last night of the convention, the American people are going to hear from the President. Will he admit his mistakes? I highly doubt it but it’s a nice thought.  Fact is, the democrats have done nothing but blame George W. Bush on all 3 nights of this convention. They have yet to accept any responsibility of the $6 Trillion in debt we have accumulated under their leadership. If the President were to come out in the national spotlight and admit his mistakes, he would gain so much favor with independents. In all honesty though, what politician has ever done that?

In addition, the current attitudes of both campaigns will not allow them to admit any wrongdoing. The stakes are too high for either campaign to admit mistakes. Is that shameful? We’re seeing a new political landscape taking place. In 2008, we saw the beginnings of the internet and campaigning come together; moreover, election 2012 had been totally taken over by the internet. Twitter is constantly buzzing with campaign news, and trending topics. After this election look for more and more news agencies to look at twitter for polls, policy feelings, etc. The republicans have caught up quite nicely with the democrats in the new political era. In 2008 it was lacking quite a bit but the Romney campaign has done a stellar job with online campaigning (They took lessons from Ron Paul campaign).

The election is so close right now between Obama and Romney that any nudge in points is a good sign…but when does Romney put the campaign funds to use? It’s no secret that Mitt is raising more money than Obama, and I suspect that Friday we’ll see the Romney campaign go in on an all out blitz with campaign ads in Ohio, Florida, and New Hampshire. This is going to be a nasty election, especially with surrogates. Look at Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the lady has been caught in a lie on basically all three days of the convention. Let the games begin.


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