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Tale of Two Speeches

Now that the dust has settled and both conventions have concluded, both campaigns are sprinting to the finish! Over the last two weeks we’ve heard tons of speeches. Some good and some not so good…from both sides. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney made their case to the American people but which made the better case? The Presidents speech set a social media record on twitter, and Mitt Romney didn’t do too bad himself in terms of social media. Before Barack Obama’s speech, Mitt Romney set a social media record. This proves America is engaged in election 2012!

Lets take a look at both speeches.

First, the beginning of  Mitt Romney’s speech was an introduction. At that time the left was saying that the American people didn’t know Mitt Romney. Romney went into his upbringing, and also how family  has been the center of his life. In addition, his business accomplishments at Bain capitol were noted along with how the company started. The crowd was sinking their teeth into this speech. Furthermore, it was a humble speech that focused more on America and the failure’s of this President more than Mitt Romney. If the Romney speech did one thing, it brought up the age old question of, “are you better off than you were four years ago?” This struck a chord with independents to a degree that the DNC was in a panic to show what has changed for the better in the last four years instead of laying out a plan. We stated in our last article that the party who has their convention last has an advantage with having the final say; however, the party that has their convention first can make a great case and cause chaos within the enemy’s camp. That’s exactly what the Romney campaign did.

Next, the challenger went into his 5 point jobs plan. I find this part even more interesting after the democrats said that Romney provided no plan during his speech….can they read? Maybe if it was on a teleprompter, I guess. He also said that instead of an apology tour, he would do a jobs tour. This was a line that might have struck with independents. Everyone remembers the President going on his world tour in 2009. It was a good idea at the time but looking back, nothing changed! Another line that got a huge reception was, “President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. My promise…is to help you and your family.” All in all, Mitt Romney connected with his base entirely, and he might have won over some independents.

On to the DNC

In a forthright attempt to completely separate themselves socially with republicans, the DNC was a socialpalooza. There’s no doubt the DNC rejuvenated their base. The place was going nuts. In the Presidents speech he hammered home the auto industry bailout. Has the auto industry recovered, yes! Was it because of the bailout? It really could go both ways. No one really knows if the bailout saved the auto industry or if they would have been fine had they decided to file good old fashioned bankruptcy. Either way, the President can make an argument and he did!

The President also talked about foreign policy quite a bit. This is one of his strongest arguments this election. The democrats really hit home that the RNC didn’t pay tribute to the troops. During his speech, Obama once again reminded us that he has a timetable laid out to withdraw from Afghanistan. A majority of Americans feel this sentiment. Republicans argue that a timetable should not be announced publicly, and that argument also has strong support.

There’s no doubt the President gave an excellent speech. Conventions are meant to rally the base and both conventions hit a home run. If these conventions were any indicator, this is going to be a mudslinging election. The republicans are going to hit back hard very soon. The stakes are very high for both parties and for the country.